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For all HTC 8XT models we use the IMEI to lookup the code in HTC database. Unlocking codes are assigned to each HTC 8XT phone on manufacturing time so each code is specific for each IMEI. Please make sure that on the ordering form you use the IMEI from your HTC 8XT - not from its box (sometime are not matching). We do not refund or replace the order if you've submited wrong IMEI. 

We use the Country/Network information to exlcude some unsupported Carriers. If the carrier/country that locked your HTC 8XT is not supported please do not select and submit different information as the code will not work. If the order data is not matching your phone we will not issue any refund or replacement. Live!


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There are many factors to consider when deciding to sim unlock your telephone. Unlocking HTC 8XT using our unique factory codes can be easily conducted by you. It's necessitating usually a few moments to receive the code via SMS and use it to carrier unlock your HTC 8XT. You don't need any technical skills or advanced mobile expertize.

You need to always check whether your HTC 8XT is sim locked or not by putting a SIM card from different network in it. If the telephone is unlocked, the SIM card would not be accepted.

Our unlocking solutions are extremely reliable and come at a very affordable price. Following the payment, we give you the unlocking code via SMS and e-mail. Typing this code on your phone you can carrier unlock it in no time.

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HTC 8XT Unlock Answers

Asked by IGOR, Wednesday, April 2, 2014 on product HTC 8XT Unlock


I have HTC 8XT (Sprint). Does this SPC (MSL) code?

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  • Answered by Website Moderator on Wednesday, April 2, 2014

    Is your phone asking for the code?

    Unfortunately we are not able to help if the phone is not asking to insert the code.

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HTC 8XT Unlocking Tutorial

Down below you will find a short list regarding actions needed to network unlock HTC 8XT using manufacturer unlocking codes:

  • Read the IMEI of your specific HTC 8XT by simply writing *#06#. Also you can get the IMEI accessing to the About section from Settings menu.
  • Use your IMEI to submit the order within this page.
  • In approximately 5 min's the carrier unlocking code plus guidance is going to be deliver to you by using SMS or e-mail.
  • Type your obtained sim unlock code into the HTC 8XT and your cell phone is permanently unlocked.

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